Reasons Why I Hate My Teacher?

“There are times in every students lives that they feel humiliated and embarrassed all due to their teacher. While sometimes this could just be a misconception and our anger may be prompting you to think bad about your teacher. But many times there are solid reasons as to why you hate your teacher.
Many times while a student is facing a situation like this. He/she may hesitate from going to school and even start to hate the school, which is something no parent will ever want their child to do. I too face situations when i feel embarrassed and humiliated due to my teacher. A student like me would never have cared about this if the problems i am facing would not have made me to hate everything related to studies at school. I hate to go to school, i hate studies, all because of my teacher. The same thing could be there that you are facing. You know you never want to ruin your life just because of some problem. But the problem is many of us don’t ever realize what the problem is. So, i have taken these reasons that become problems in our school life and which need solutions.

Bullying:- It is the biggest problem a student can ever think of while in school or college. Making fun of others and that too because of either nothing or just stupidity. It is a very bad problem because it may lead to violence. The problem of getting bullied get’s more problematic if the teacher is a bully. One will not mind much about what other’s say about him/her, but it hurts to see that your teacher is bullying you. A teacher who bullies (in my opinion) doesn’t deserves the job. Many of my teachers call me names, try to humiliate me before my friends, classmates and girlfriend just because i don’t talk much and indulge in activities that are just bullshit.

Well, even if i am wrong as a student and may be not performing or able to perform or do certain things in school. There are ways students like me can be helped. Isn’t there something called as “Love Of Teacher”. I can’t remember the day when my teacher tried to help me out without making fun of me. I ask you, should not a teacher do this.

Favoritism:- May be some of you may not agree with me, but it’s true that many teacher show favoritism. Favoritism on basis of intelligence, talent can never occur and be bad. But, favoritism just because that you are friends with your students. That’s rather questionable. Some things get ugly when a talented guy is thrown out for some bully. I wonder why many teacher’s support bullies and are rather themselves bullies. Sometimes they just bully a guy for they know that this guy is emotionally sensitive in nature. It’s disgusting to see this but it helps their agenda of favoritism. This has happened to me many times and i am sure that i am not alone.